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At-A-Glance Protection SunFly is developing UV-sensitive and color-changing inks that monitor your skin’s UV exposure in realtime. 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer. Natural and artificial ultraviolet (UV) light increases your risk for all forms of skin cancer. Protecting your skin from UV radiation is not just for your health. Up to 90% of all of the age-related changes you see in your skin are also caused by too much UV. prev next

What We Do

SunFly SPF Indicator Stamps

SunFly is developing photochromic (UV-sensitive color-changing) inks that help sunscreen users apply and reapply the right amount of sunscreen at the right time.  Research shows sunscreen users should apply about 3x more sunscreen than they do, and they don’t reapply often enough. 100% of sunburns, 93% of skin cancer and 90% of skin aging are caused by overexposure to UV.

SunFly Stand-Alone SPF Indicator Stamp

SunFly is developing a Stand-Alone SPF Indicator Stamp that will work with any SPF-rated sunscreen.

SunFly’s Stamp-In-Cap

SunFly’s patented Stamp-In-Cap design builds our tech into the sunscreen’s cap. Not only is this more convenient for the user, but it can drive sunscreen consumption and sales up to 4x for our licensing partners.

How It Works

Simply stamp your skin with the SunFly SPF Indicator Stamp and apply sunscreen over the stamp and the rest of your exposed skin.  If the photochromic ink is clear, you have applied enough sunscreen.  If it begins to change color, your sunscreen is no longer providing optimal protection and you should reapply.  Our inks can be made to change color at any SPF level and a single stamp will last an entire day at the beach or the pool and undergo multiple color-fade and sunscreen reapplication cycles.

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